Crafting a Value-Driven Organizational Strategy:  Facilitating Effective Strategy Planning

– Working with clients on short and long term strategic plans
– Leading 4-hour to 3-day executive and board-level goal evaluation, environmental analysis, strategy formulation, and action planning workshops
– Focus is on creating competitive-advantage-driven and sustainable strategies
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Executive Leadership Development

– A core part of my research, teaching, and consulting is focused on developing exceptional and value-driven executive leaders
– Programs range from traditional leadership skill training through custom programs for tailored to organizational needs
– A substantial part of my previous work was on a Global Leadership & Cultural Intelligence Development Program with Linn Van Dyne
– These programs focused on the development and delivery of a global leadership development program for organizations
– This work has been customized to specialized academic programs, non-profit organizations, and traditional organizations
– Workshops have typically included 360° skill assessments, development plans, lectures, cases, and theory

Non-Profit Consulting and Advising

– A portion of my consulting each year is focused on specifically on developing world-class  small and large non-profit organizations
– Engagements have focused on executive development, strategic planning, independent stategic issue analysis, and direct consulting
– A few recent projects have included:
– Advising an executive board on on long-term strategic initiatives
– Supervising the development of a national expansion kit
– Advising on the creation of a 501(c)(3) parent organization
– Providing an academic strategy perspective for a non-profit trend report


Website Development Projects

– A few previous projects were focused on technology-oriented initiatives
– These typically included website development, strategy, and related decisions


Some of the organizations I have worked with:


Alliance for Children and Families / Severson National Information Center
Center for Creative Leadership
Eaton Corporation
Intersect Community Consulting
Lanthorn Newspaper (Grand Valley State University publication)
Michigan Estate Planning Law Center
Michigan State University SCNO (Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations)
U.S. State of California Judicial System
Wojo’s Greenhouse & Nursery

University Programs:

University of California–Berkeley – Executive MBA Program
University of Colorado – Executive MBA Program
University of Geneva – International MBA Program
University of Minnesota – Engineering
University of Minnesota – Psychology
Michigan State University – Office of Racial and Ethnic Student Affairs
Michigan State University  – Residence Life Leadership & Central Staff
Michigan State University  – University Study Abroad Programs