ndEach year the Alliance for Children and Families sponsors a trend report that summarizes important trends facing the non-profit community.  In the past this report focused on combining the work of the Alliance’s Severson Information Center staff with the insights of non-profit CEOs and program leaders.  This year, the University of Notre Dame’s Master of Non-Profit Administration group is co-sponsoring the report, and they are adding the insights of some Notre Dame faculty to the mix.  I was asked to give a management professor’s perspective on the impact of these trends.  Below is a summary list of my thoughts.  A more detailed description of each of these points is available by clicking here.  The full 2009 Non-Profit Trend Report should come out this fall and will be available at the Severson website.  For now, you can see the 2008 Non-Profit Trend Report.

1.  A Focus on Evidence-Based Performance

2.  Re-Orienting to the New Customer

3.  Keeping Talent in Tough Times

4.  Strategic Approaches to HR in the New Knowledge Economy

                  – Open-Source Models of Project Management

                  – Tapping the Millennials

                  – Older Adults as Expert Professionals on the Cheap  

5.  Disseminating Best Practice Benchmarks

6.  The Mixed Impact of Non-Profit Consolidation

7.  Funding Model Evolution

8.  Madoff-Era Insecurity, Trust, and Ethics Issues