December 2008

Huggy Rao has a new book called “Market Rebels” with some cool ideas.  I particularly like Bob Sutton’s summary of one key idea that I find particularly interesting:

The book is full of useful ideas, but perhaps the central one is that, if you want to mobilize networks of people and markets to embrace and spread an idea, you need the one-two punch of a “Hot Cause” and “Cool Solutions.”  A hot cause like deaths from tobacco or medical errors can be used as springboards to raise awareness, spark motivation, and ignite red-hot outrage.  And naming these as enemies is an important step in mobilizing a network or market. But creating the heat isn’t enough; the next step needs to be cool solutions.   This doesn’t just mean identifying technically feasible solutions, it also means finding ways to bind people together, to empower them to take steps that help solve the problem, and to create enduring commitment to implementing solutions.

olpcOne laptop per child… perhaps even more interesting than the cause is the approach from the OLPC leadership, which is well articulated here.

Interesting disection of happiness / decision making from a Harvard psychologist.

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